Merielle M Kazakoff

Welcome to the view through my camera lens...

Photography is both a passion and profession that I have no intention of ever letting go from my life. My passion started early in childhood with point-and-shoot cameras; my profession started later as a reporter-photographer, with hours spent developing film in a darkroom. Since then, I have furthered my work in publishing, and upgraded from film to digital photography. Occasionally, I have the honour of photographing people and events; however, I find myself exploring mostly the natural world through the viewfinder.   

When not focusing on my camera, I work in editing and publication design. I am an avid vegetable gardener, long-time collector of rocks and gemstones, stand-up paddleboard enthusiest, and full-time dog mom. My home base is in the beautiful Boundary Region of British Columbia, Canada, where I like to wander in the great outdoors.


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