Seasonal Looks: Autumn

Autumn came slowly to this part of the world this year. I don't know whether it was because we didn't want to leave summer, or summer didn't want to leave us. Whatever the reason, the milder weather is always welcome in an area destined for a snowy winter.

When I pulled up the photos for this post, I noticed that they were taken over the course of 7 days. It seemed longer - maybe because I was battling a cold, or maybe because I had projects in the works - but when the season finally showed itself, it took a short week to say "hello." Autumn gave us a show...and I happened to be watching.


During the summer months, I'm focused on the colours in my yard...the flowers and vegetables that I grow and nurture provide a lot of inspiration. But when autumn hits, I start to look outwards towards the hills and mountains.Driving around the country roads, colour pops up in many places. Lakes, fields, and old apple trees with ripe, red fruit take on a whole new existence.

Regardless of which direction you turn to leave town, the colours along the highway are just as spectacular.

On one of my paddleboarding excursions, I captured an amazing autumn sky over Christina Lake, in to which I was about to launch. The lake itself shows a whole other story of seasonal change, which I like to document on my alter-blog: Belle on Board.

But, back to those photos...


The colourful rings around the sun in these shots are what I believe to be a 22° Halo (I checked The Cloud Collector's Handbook for this...I'm a sky nerd) and made this somewhat gray day a bit more beautiful.


I've enjoyed autumn's introduction, and now we get to enjoy it for what it is...cooler, muted days speckled with yellows and reds and bits of sunshine here and there. I like the slowed down pace and the boots, hats, and scarves making their way out of storage. I also like the cooler weather for hiking and exploring.

If I were to pick a favourite season, it might be autumn. But you'd probably have to check back with me during the winter, spring, or summer to see if it's true. As far as my camera goes, it's hard to have a stand-out winner. I guess I'll just say that whatever season I'm in... it's my favourite.