Garden Tour Part 2: Growth

I had original intentions of sharing artful shots of the vegetables I grew this season. I took those photos, but instead I'm giving you The Life and Times of a Watermelon...and a pretty cool announcement. So, please, read on.


This may be Part 2 of my garden tour, but the edible garden is my primary focus each year.  A decade ago when I planted my first seeds in soil, I never thought gardening would become such a big part of my life. I'm sure if you asked my mum, back when I was around 15-years-old, if I'd ever be growing food, she'd have laughed. I thought she was crazy spending hours out in the dirt; weeding and watering, planting and transplanting. But that was a long time ago, and I get it now.


But you can read more about this in my Bio. Which Bio, you ask? Well, the one that is on the FoodGROWS website that has just launched, and I am lucky to be a writer for! A Container Gardening Guru writer. That's right...Ms. Once-hater-of-dirt-when-I-was-a-teenager has turned into a guru about it!


Okay, I promise not to let the title feed my ego. But writing about something I love so much is definitely exciting. Plus, I get to add photos to the mix and, really, it couldn't be better. This was the first time I had applied to a job with photos (of veggies I had previously grown) in the cover worked!


Now, my obsessive documenting has paid off. All this writing, blogging, and photography is what I do, and I appreciate all you good people following along and supporting it. So, thanks! Of course, I'm also doing what I'm writing and photographing about, but you get the idea...I'm just happy to share it.


Anyway, back to business. If you want to follow, learn, or take part in this lovely, urban food-growing revolution that is taking place on this planet, here's a place to start: FoodGROWS - which is based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC. Or, of you want to just skip to me first (but I hope you will check out the whole site), go here. I'll continue to keep you in the loop on my Facebook page as well.


I suppose I have given you a round-about tour of my garden. I wanted this blog and my announcement to coincide. This is all thanks to an intention of growth that I set for myself earlier in the year; growth of food, growth of my writing and photography, and growth of myself. If you want to make things happen, you have to be pretty firm with setting those intentions. They will appear. And when they do, just like this awesome little watermelon I was determined to grow, it's pretty sweet!