Storm and Wildflowers

I'm a bit of a weather watcher. I've even taken it so far as learning how to "collect" clouds through The Cloud Collector's Handbook. This is a fun little publication that outlines cloud formations and gives you "points" for the ones you spot. A sort of treasure hunt in the sky I guess you could say. So, when a storm rolls through our valley, I'm paying close attention. A couple weeks ago a fairly significant weather system showed up and, as the sky started to darken, I had an urge to find a good view to take some photos. I got in my car and drove up one of the hillsides to get off the valley floor. We have a unique valley here that runs East-West, which I hear is rare. One side has mountains covered with lots of evergreen trees, while the mountains on the other side are quite arid and grassy. When I found enough altitude, I was able to look over the valley and see the storm heading in. I probably scored some points for this one.

As I was walking along the dirt road looking for a good spot to perch, I was amazed at the amount of colour that was popping up through the grasses. The hillside was bathed in the purples and yellows of blooming flowers. It took me looking to photograph some clouds to find another beautiful subject that was back down on the ground. I was very happy about this discovery.

And when I found a rocky spot to stop at, I almost sat down on this...

I know there is cactus here, but it still surprises me to come across it. I also had no idea it bloomed, so this was quite the bonus. I decided on a parting shot with both the wildflowers and the storm, because somehow they just went hand-in-hand.

I find it the perfect visual of having your head in the clouds, but your feet still firmly on the ground.