The day the earth stood still...or my version of it.

This may get a bit personal and a little weird for some of you. But I'm on a quest to speak my truth and this is about as true as it gets. Plus, it's about a photograph and I write about photography and experiences. Curious yet? Well read on...

When you are snapping thousands of photos each year, there will be ones that definitely stand out more than others. The cream of the crop. And there will always be a few surprises along the way. "Photo-bombs" are a good example of this unless, of course, they are deliberate. Something unexpected is always fun. This story is about both such things: a photo that definitely stood out, and something unexpected. 

I take most of my photographs with my DSLR camera. However, I'm an Instagramer and therefore snap quite a few shots with my smartphone. I like different mediums in photography. It makes it interesting. The subject matter in this story happens to be a photo taken with my phone. 

If you don't recognize the landscape above, it's of Big White Ski Resort in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. It was taken from Highway 33 at the last rest area before the junction to head up to the resort. When driving north to Kelowna (which is what I was doing), that is a view I look forward to, especially on a clear-blue-sky day with snow on the mountains. Not the best photo, but still pretty isn't it? I took this on December 31st and it was literally the last photograph I took in 2014. I was having a great road trip; listening to photography podcasts, Porter the pug and Peach the lovebird were my travel companions. I needed to make a pit-stop and was pulling back out onto the highway when the beauty of the mountain caught my eye. I snapped a picture, arrived at my destination in another hour, and the rest - as they say - is history. 

I was still in the Okanagan when the Great Snowfall of 2015 hit a couple days into the new year. Some exploring was done beforehand and I had taken more photos with both my phone and my DSLR prior to the storm rolling in. Stuck indoors with the snow piling up outside, I decided to finally have a look at what I had captured, starting with my phone. I came across the image of Big White and thought it might be a good one to upload to Instagram. I looked at it. And then... I looked at it again. I guess you could say I had been photo-bombed. A bright spot in the sky to the right of the mountain caught my eye. The realization was instantaneous as I zoomed in and saw that even though things got blurry, I had captured what could be considered to be a UFO. 

Yeah, that's right...a UFO.

Now, I would like to think that those who know me personally would consider me as sane as sane can be. I would consider myself a fairly calm individual and quite open minded and down to earth. Like I said before, I'm on a quest to speak my truth and lies are not needed. What it comes down to is that I captured...something. And that something isn't explainable by me. Since that moment of realization, I've analyzed the photo, filed a sighting report with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network...yes, it's more than just a television show), seen my case file uploaded to their site, discovered that my report and photo was tweeted multiple times by other UFO groups and individuals, and shown it to a few people close to me... who all had a similar reaction of surprise. I considered keeping this fairly close to home - at least until something happened with my case file - but I've decided to make this moment count and allow this to be exactly what it is right now: an unidentified flying object. 

I will not keep you in suspense any longer. Here is the photo: untouched, as well as the subject matter zoomed in on. 

Yes, it is blurry, which definitely helps in making it unidentifiable. But it doesn't look like something terrestrial, or at least anything terrestrial I can figure out. I did not see this object in the sky when I snapped the shot. It must have been moving pretty fast. I have theories like: Perhaps this has something to do with why we don't see "them" (if we are talking about extraterrestrial vehicles here) and why "they" are blurry in a lot of photographs. Yes, it looks like one of those photos you get annoyed at when you see it in the media. I always wonder why, with all our camera technology, someone can't get a clear shot - and here I am with the same problem. 

I don't know what your reactions will be. Probably mixed. Just please be kind. I'm not making claim to anything except for what you and I and UFO-ologists are getting to see. If I someday get a report back with it identified, that will be fine. If it remains a UFO, that is fine too. This definitely is not the defining moment in my life that has made me believe there is more to all of this. That we are not alone. That moment happened a long time ago, but is another story for another time. My surprise - and maybe excitement - in all of this is that I've been granted a personal moment which could eventually one day become the truth. Whatever the outcome, I do believe there are things in this crazy existence that cannot be explained by science or spirituality alone. If everything was explainable, we wouldn't be the curious creatures we are. I like that. 

So, I will end it here - for now - to let your imaginations wander... or not. If anything, those who know me can now say they know someone who took one of those blurry UFO photos that still doesn't give us a definitive answer to whether they exist or not (you are very welcome).We all have a right to our own truths and beliefs. This is my true story and I promise to follow up if there is something to follow up on. Have some fun with it in the meantime. I sure am!

Welcome to my first blog post of 2015, about the last photo I took in 2014. 

As the tagline in the X-Files states: The Truth is Out There. 

PS To view my case file on the MUFON site, click here. They also have a great interactive map of sightings which you can find here.