Two weeks ago, we accepted an offer on our house and, now that papers have been delivered and signings are taking place, I'm comfortable saying it's on the way to being a done deal. The little house on 8th Street will have new owners taking possession on August 7th. Life is a little bittersweet these days as this particular chapter in life closes. 

In order to maintain a sense of calm throughout the transition, I'm doing everything I can to keep focused on the 'now.' Looking at the big picture throws my brain into chaos, so it's the immediate needs of now that keep it all running smoothly. I'm doing pretty good considering I'm living in a state of temporary for the next few weeks. If chaos hits (and it does from time to time), I have an escape hatch... called a nap. Checking out on consciousness for a short period of time can do a world of wonders. Naps should be mandatory for everyone.

What doesn't help is that my new telephoto lens showed up in the midst of all this. This is my first new telephoto since my first (film) DSLR back in 1994 when I entered journalism school. I was way in need of an upgrade. So right when I need to stay focused, a beautiful, white Canon lens that dwarfs my camera body and has it's own tripod connector is within easy reach. Just holding it makes me feel all National Geographic. 


To deny myself a test run would just be mean, so I made a point to take it to one of my favourite nature spots the morning after it arrived. Saddle Lake, which I have written about before, is a bird haven and it was naturally where I wanted to go first with this lens. After finding a spot to settle above a family of coots - which was where the birds stopped squawking at my presence - I focused my eye on the viewfinder and got lost in the activity on the lake.  


Morning on a lake is magical and it's all about light and reflections and the ecosystem waking up. Water birds are not quiet by any means, but their calls are a meditative echo off the lake surface. I hardly noticed the hour pass and it was the sun searing down at me after rising over the mountain top that got my attention again. I was seeing so much going on through my telephoto lens that I didn't see anything else... like the packing and transitioning that was going on at home. 

I had just gained a new escape hatch through an alternate way of focusing. And I could remain conscious!


The days ahead are going to be busy. Moving necessitates organizing, which in turn necessitates purging on some level or other. I'm making this one count and really figuring out what is meaningful to me and what can just go away. Turns out that at this point in my existence, quite of bit of my possessions are either for sale or charity. Experiences really do mean more than 'stuff' in this life.

I will keep focused and if chaos starts to hit I have a couple options for a sanity reset, like the new lens that I thought would make things difficult right now.

And thinking about it, it makes sense that the things we love the most are just... necessary!