The View on Tuesday

I posted my last #theviewontuesday photo this week. This hashtag was my personal photo project for the year, and it was pretty self-explanatory: a simple photo of something I viewed on each Tuesday in 2016. I shared these moments on Instagram and micro-blogged them on Tumblr as a visual journal to look back upon. I wasn't in it for 'likes' or 'hearts' or any new followers. This was more for myself and I used social media for ease of documentation. It was fun. I used my cell phone for the majority of the shots and stayed within my Tuesday limit regardless of what I was doing or where I was that day. I edited by an App on my phone rather than Photoshop on my computer. It forced me to look at my pictures differently and I'm pretty sure it has had an effect on my photography. This really was about capturing a moment rather than a picture. And not all moments are perfectly framed or focused or spectacular. But, that's life... messy and authentic. So I go forward having a new, inner lens to look through my camera with. And I'm better for it. I find that anything that takes you out of your box will help you grow. If you're looking for that 2017 resolution... find a way to break down those box walls. 

Now, that this project and this year are pretty much over, I need to decide whether to continue on for another 52 Tuesdays or create a different challenge. I have a couple days left to figure it out. I've been looking forward to putting my year of Tuesdays together in one final 2016 post. Here it is... a journal I'm happy to share. Happy New Year everyone, and may 2017 bring you a lot of joy!!

Images start at week 52 and count back to week 1. Enjoy!


Week 52 #theviewontuesday


Week 1 #theviewontuesday